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Weight loss foods: Obesity giving tension? Include these foods in your diet today.

Weight loss foods
weight loss foods

These fiber-filled foods will help you lose weight, which will make you slim on eating. To manage and reduce your waist weight, you should eat fiber-rich foods. Foods which are rich in fiber will keep your stomach full for a long time, which reduces food intake and leads to weight loss. Excess obesity not only reduces your beauty but also makes the body a home for diseases. That is why you can lose weight by including it in Diet For Weight Loss to reduce your obesity.

Fiber Rich Foods For Weight Loss | Foods rich in fiber for weight loss

Weight lose for brokli
Weight loss for Fiber Rich Foods


Broccoli is very beneficial for health, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants. It is a good source of fiber and it becomes easy to lose weight by eating it. Broccoli is rich in good carbohydrates and fibre, which helps in digestion, prevents constipation, helps lower blood sugar levels. The protein content in broccoli makes it a suitable vegetable for vegetarians. 


Spinach leaves are good for health, spinach is also helpful in quick weight loss. By making spinach a part of your diet everyday, you can easily melt the fat stored in your body. By including a cup of spinach in your diet daily, you will lose weight and your health will also be good.


Fiber is found in abundance in carrot juice, many types of recipes are made from carrots. You can include carrots in the diet in the form of salads, vegetables and desserts. At the same time, carrots are also beneficial for the eyes. Carrots are also a good source of fiber which helps in weight loss.


If you consume an apple in the morning breakfast, then your body gets the necessary fiber and nutrients. Because a good amount of fiber is also found in fruits. Due to not having a single fat along with giving nutrients in the morning breakfast, it is very helpful in weight loss.

dry fruits

Despite being so small in size, they contain a lot of nutrients. Eating a sufficient amount of dry fruits on a daily basis will provide your body with a good amount of fiber, which can help you lose weight.

Lifestyle desk . weight loss diet

Nowadays, in the race of fashion, changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits, the problem of weight gain is becoming common. And due to obesity, people suffer from many serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

weight loss diet
weight loss diet

People do many types of exercises to reduce obesity, but apart from this, you can reduce the fat stored in the body by changing your diet. Foods that are high in protein and fiber can be included in the weight loss journey to reduce weight. Let us know about some food combination which will help you in reducing weight.

Lentils and Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.  Pulses contain protein, fiber and other nutrients.  It helps in keeping your stomach full for a long time.  Due to which you avoid overeating.  If you add tomato to dal, it tastes delicious and also provides many benefits to health.  Apart from its distinctive taste, tomato is also quite famous among dieticians because it contains abundant nutrients.  Tomatoes are very low in calories and carbohydrates and contain high amounts of water.  In such a situation, it can become the best diet to lose weight.

Ginger with Honey and Lemon

All three are used as medicines in Ayurveda. Ginger is good for digestion and also helps reduce inflammation. The taste of honey and lemon is also excellent. Lemon also boosts metabolism. This helps in controlling weight. Ginger-lemon and honey tea should be consumed daily in the morning, it will be beneficial in reducing weight.

Cucumber, Mint and Lemon

Most people start their day with tea or coffee.  And people who are health conscious drink hot water or drink honey, lemon juice and hot water.  Due to which health gets many benefits.  If you want to lose weight then drink cucumber, lemon and mint water, your weight will reduce and you will get many other benefits.


Nuts are very beneficial for weight loss as they are rich in healthy fat, protein and fiber. This provides many types of benefits to health. Studies have shown that adding nuts to the diet can help with weight loss and improve overall health. Nuts are a great source of protein and fiber. Generally both are necessary for weight loss. So if you are also thinking of losing weight then definitely include nuts in your weight loss diet.

Berries with Mint

Elements like iron, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin C, and B-complex, proteins are found in mint leaves.  And these nutrients can also help in weight loss.  Berries are rich in vitamins and minerals, you can include both of them in salads.  These are rich in antioxidant properties. 

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Do it with these 6 recipes of papaya, it will control both diet, weight and sugar.

Weight loss exercise 

Weight loss exercise
weight loss for exercises 

Nowadays everyone wants to look slim and fit. Want to lose weight. These five weight loss exercises can be done at home. These home exercises are so powerful that they will destroy your fat. You will have to take less than 10 minutes to do this exercise. Then after seeing its results, you will forget obesity. Do these stomach exercises  for 1 minute each in the beginning. Rest for 30 seconds in between each exercise and then move on to the next exercise.

Leg raise exercise

  1. Leg Raise Exercise: This is an abdominal exercise, for which you will have to hang on a bar.
  2.  First of all, hold the bar at shoulder width.
  3.  Now tighten your abdominal muscles and bring both your legs together.
  4.  Now raise your legs together without bending your knees.
  5.  Go up as high as you can and then slowly lower down.
  6.  Try to do this continuously for 1 minute.

jumping jack exercise 

  1. Jumping Jack For Weight Loss: It eliminates fat from the entire body.
  2.  To do this, stand straight and keep both hands on the side of the feet.
  3.  Now you jump and stand with your legs wide.
  4.  Now during this time you have to take both the hands straight above the head and clap.
  5.  After this you have to jump and come back to the starting position.
  6.  Do this continuously for 1 minute.

High knee exercise 

  1. This abdominal exercise also removes the fat of thighs and hips.
  2.  First of all you stand straight.
  3.  Now keep the hands equal to the waist till the elbow and stand with both the palms towards the ground.
  4.  Now take a breath in and raise the right knee up to the right palm.
  5.  Now, taking it down again, raise the left knee up to the left palm.
  6.  In this way, you keep running at one place continuously for 1 minute.

Plank exercise

  1. Plank exercise is great for tightening the stomach.
  2.  First of all, lie down on your stomach on the ground.
  3.  Now bring you body weight on both palms and toes.
  4.  Now make your neck, waist and hips in a straight line.
  5.  Then place the elbows on the ground just below the shoulders and look ahead.
  6.  Stay like this for 1 minute and keep the abdominal muscles tight.

Running exercise 

This is a great cardio workout. Which is a great way to eliminate fat from arms, stomach, thighs and hips. Running increases stamina along with weight loss.

Running is a better way to keep the body healthy and active. This improves blood circulation. Running is a great way to lose weight. You can keep yourself fit and lose weight easily by running a few kilometers every day.

Weight loss drink 

Weight loss drink
weight loss drink

Dieting and exercise play an important role in reducing weight, drinks also play an important role. If you are also thinking of reducing your body weight, then consume some healthy drinks regularly on an empty stomach. Consuming these healthy drinks can reduce body weight rapidly. At the same time, stomach problems, cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes will also be controlled.

Fenugreek water- Drinking fenugreek water on an empty stomach helps in rapid weight loss. Experts always recommend drinking fenugreek water in the morning to reduce weight. For this, put one spoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Now filter this water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. This will reduce your weight and also get rid of many diseases.

Lemon water- To reduce obesity, drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning. This leads to rapid weight loss. And it also works as a body detox. Lemon water is a good weight loss drink. Add 1 lemon in 1 glass of hot water and drink it. If you want, you can add some honey to it.

Celery water- Celery water is very beneficial. Drinking celery water will reduce obesity and stomach problems will also go away. It helps in reducing belly fat. For this, add 1 teaspoon celery in 1 glass of water and soak it overnight. Filter it in the morning and drink this water.

Cumin water- Drinking cumin water on an empty stomach reduces obesity within a few days. Actually, cumin boosts your metabolism rate, due to which body weight can decrease very rapidly. Along with this, it strengthens the digestive power. For this, add 1 teaspoon cumin in 1 glass of water and soak it overnight, filter this water and drink it in the morning.

Fennel water- Fennel water is also beneficial for weight loss. Fiber, antioxidants and minerals are found in it. Drinking fennel water also improves digestion and metabolism due to which weight is reduced. Fennel water also relieves the problem of gas and acidity. Soak 1 teaspoon fennel in 1 glass of water overnight and boil it in the morning and drink this water lukewarm.

Weight loss tips

The problem of obesity is increasing day by day. Obesity is increasing day by day due to people's changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Obesity can be the cause of many diseases, obesity is considered the home of diseases. Therefore, if you want to remain healthy, it is very important to control obesity. It is often seen that she goes out while going to office or while doing household work. And can't workout. Experts say that if we just control our diet, we can control our weight.

Follow these tips

According to dietitian experts, if you want to lose weight fast, it would be better to eat something every two hours throughout the day rather than eating a full meal at one go. What and how should you eat?  Know here -

  1. First of all, drink two glasses of water in the morning. Drink the water sip by sip. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning flushes out the toxins from your body.
  2.  Then take tea after some time. You can take green tea or lemon tea. To avoid gas problem, take biscuits or toast with tea.
  3.  You can eat fruits two hours after tea. Fruits: Always take seasonal fruits and do not mix many fruits together.
  4.  After two hours of fruit, it will be time for lunch, then eat two chapattis, pulses, vegetables, curd etc. in lunch. Eat khichdi for lunch once a week. Try to have only fruits, juice and boiled vegetables one day a week. If the gap between fruit and lunch is long then you can take juice.
  5.  Two hours after lunch, take Shikanji, wood apple sherbet, buttermilk or any drink. Or you can take something like salad, sandwich, poha, upma as light snacks.
  6.  After this have dinner. Try to have dinner between 8 to 08:30. Dinner: Have any seasonal vegetable and one or two chapattis. Try to reduce the number of chapattis at night and eat more vegetables instead. Take a cup of skimmed milk two hours after eating.

According to dietician expert, this diet plan is for those people who eat at home all day but do not do physical workout.

If someone is suffering from any serious disease like diabetes, heart disease etc., there may be some change in this diet chart for them. Therefore, before following any diet, consult an expert once. Apart from dieting, do some workout also, this keeps your body flexible. Stay away from junk food, fast food and sugary drinks sold outside.

Weight loss without exercise | Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise 

Keep distance from junk food and sugar. Your first step to lose weight will be to pay attention to your diet. Junk food is not reducing your weight but increasing it. These include junk food, oily food, added sugar and processed food.

Reduce the amount of food a little

Eat only as much food as is sufficient to satisfy your hunger. Especially avoid eating a lot at night and eat small and light food. But this does not mean at all that you should reduce your food intake excessively. What you are eating is more important than how much you are eating. Eat food in limit and avoid junk food

Drink hot water

Drinking water is very important for good health. Drink warm water after waking up in the morning before eating anything and about half an hour after eating food at night. It will be beneficial for your health and you may lose weight. Because a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning can help in detoxifying the body by removing toxic substances from the body.

Make fiber a part of your diet

Guavas which are rich in fiber. The more fiber-rich foods you include in your diet, the faster you will be able to lose weight. Fiber is also one such nutrient whose consumption proves to be very effective in maintaining healthy digestion as well as in weight loss


Walking as much as possible helps in reducing belly fat. If you do a brisk walk even for 30 minutes daily, it can burn more than 150 calories. The faster you walk, the more calories you will burn. If you want to stay fit for a long time, then make walking a part of your life. Just like you eat food and drink water every day, take a walk to stay fit.

Disclaimer: The health guide does not endorse the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these as suggestions only. Before following any such treatment/medicine/diet, please consult a doctor.


How can I lose weight at home?

Yes, you can lose weight at home also. If you have decided to lose weight then stay away from junk food also. Include in your daily routine 15 minutes of light exercise in the morning like jogging, jumping rope, Surya Namaskar. You have to include more fiber rich foods in your diet.

How can I lose weight quickly?

First of all, drink lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning, because it detoxifies your body, which helps in weight loss. And instead of doing weightlifting in the gym, if you do simple workouts like aerobics, brisk walk, cycling, swimming, then your weight starts reducing rapidly.

What is the best diet to lose weight?

It cannot be determined which diet plan is best for all people. It varies depending on each person's body needs, age and health. Given above in this article. Which diet is good for losing weight.

Which exercise is best for losing weight?

We all know that exercise is important for our health. If you want to keep yourself fit, then first of all include walking in your daily routine. If you want to reduce belly fat then jogging will be more beneficial. Skipping i.e. jumping rope is also the best exercise to lose weight.

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