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Australian boxers Ebony Bridges and Kendra Lust recently joined the conversation around NSFW on social media.

kendra lust
kendra lust and ebony bridges

Popular Australian boxer Ebony Bridges and adult film star Kendra Lust recently got into a NSFW conversation on social media.

Bridges recently took a shot at the impressive Kingpin boxing event, which saw Daniella Helmsley glow after her win.

However, Kendra Lust requested the 36-year-old boxer to be an X-rated one. Bridges showed good humor and wittily responded to the request. The 'Blonde Bomber' agreed to it and asked Kendra Lust to check her DMs.

"hahhahaaha kendra anything for you babes - check your dms."

A look back at a conversation between ebony bridges and  kendra lust 

Kendra Lust has often been a big fan of combat sports. The adult film star can often be seen in attendance during UFC events and has been known to interact with MMA celebrities on social media.

In one instance, Lust praised UFC broadcaster Laura Sanko on Instagram and expressed hope that she would get a commentary role at a UFC pay-per-view event.

"you're one of the best calling mma . i hope u get on some ppv's everyone was great last night."

Recently Kendra Lust objected to a street brawl involving UFC stars Nate Diaz and Logan Paul look-alikes.

Ebony bridges talks about competing in the UFC

Ebony Bridges has become a popular boxer. Who also has a lot of followers on social media. The 36-year-old has competed in 10 professional bouts and won nine of them

While some people believe that the 'Blond Bomber' would have done well in the UFC.

The Australian boxer has no interest in competing in a top MMA promotion. but it seems that

Bridges recently sat down for an interview with bitcoincasinos, where he said:

"Nah, I'll never do the UFC. I love boxing too much and I'm old... I don't have the time to learn to do all that. I did kickboxing and Muay Thai when I was younger and I just don't fancy getting kneed, kicked, and elbowed in the face or having someone like snap my elbow or my leg. Hats off to them... Also, there's money in boxing for women as well."

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