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Social media users have been left wondering who is the real Tom Cruise.

Actor Tom Cruise is gearing up for the release of his new film 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One'. At the same time, a picture showing his stunt doubles is going viral on the internet. His fans are also confused after seeing the photo which has left social media users wondering who is the real Tom Cruise.

Tom cruise 

All three men are posing for the camera with their arms around each other. Who have the same hairstyle and facial features.

At the same time, some users have claimed that this photo of Tom Cruise has been made using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Tom Cruise's acting world is crazy. And Tom Cruise has had to struggle a lot to reach here. Recently a picture is going viral on the internet. Seeing the photo, his fans are also confused.

Images Credit by Twitter 

At the same time, some users who posted such a picture have claimed that it was clicked at the wrap-up party of 'Mission Impossible 7' but there is no official confirmation of the same.

Top gun

Top Gun actor Tom Cruise is fit even at the age of 60. He reportedly does weight training cardio and sword fighting to keep himself fit.

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