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The discussion of Patna Junction is now up to America.

Porn videos were being played openly at Bihar's Patna junction. Whoever was at fault, as soon as he came to his senses, this matter was spread all over the country in no time and its echo reached across the seven seas even to that porn actress.

kendra lust porn actress
Actress kendra lust

Kendra Lust shared her picture on Twitter with the caption 'India' and the hashtag 'Bihar Railway Station'. On this tweet of Kendra Lust, the countrymen tweeted a lot. Some users also invited Kendra Lust to visit India.

Why Patna railway station shadow on social media?

At present, Patna railway station has become a topic of discussion on social media. The reason for this is also special. You can't even imagine what the passengers got to see at the railway station there, in fact, people sitting waiting for the train suddenly got to see adult videos on the screen. The video went on for three minutes, not for a few seconds. And in no time Patna Junction started trending on social media with the hashtag. At the same time, America's porn actress Kendra Lust is making headlines by tweeting.

According to social media, the porn video which was played at Patna Junction was of Kendra Lust. Actress Kendra Lust has also tweeted. Posting her picture, Kendra captioned it as India. Also, Kendra used the hashtag Bihar Railway Station with her tweet.

How was the porn video played at Patna Junction?

According to social media reports, the responsibility of broadcasting advertisements and information at Patna railway station was given to a communication company. To show advertisement on TV screen. But at that time the company's employees were watching porn videos. The same video was also played on the TV screen installed at the railway station. And from here the sensation spread on social media. This incident created a stir in Patna railway station and railway department. After this, the officials contacted the company running the advertisement and the porn video was stopped. Along with this, the concerned authorities have also registered an FIR regarding the entire matter.

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