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Valentine’s Day History and surprise your partner

Heart shape cake would be perfect for Valentine's Day. On which small fondant hearts are made. Do not forget to give a rose to your partner with this.

Valentine's day

If you haven't thought of anything specific yet...! So why not make this special cake for your partner and express your love this Valentine's Day.

You want to surprise your partner

In such a situation, if you want to surprise your partner, then you can also make heart cake at home. Apart from red and heart shape, if you want to try something else, then you can make pink rose design round cake to attract your partner.

Valentine's day images

Because Valentine's Day is the day of love and if you do not become something special for your partner, then how can you express your love?

most of women are not able to satisfy

Red Heart Shape Cake is perfect for Valentines Day. And you want to work budget and want to surprise your partner, then you can make them feel special by ordering small cupcakes and using a candle with I love you on it. And yes don't forget to give one rose to your partner with it.

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine is not the name of any day, it is the name of a priest who lived in Rome and at that time Claudius was the king of Rome and he wanted to become a powerful ruler for which he had to create a huge army but the people of Rome who Had wife, children and family, they did not want to join the army. Because of which Claudius, the king of Rome, made a rule, according to which he banned all future marriages. Pastor Valentine did not like this thing. One day a couple came, who expressed their desire to get married, then Pastor Valentine got them married quietly in a room. When King Claudius of Rome found out, he had Pastor Valentine imprisoned and sentenced to death. Before dying, Pastor Valentine wrote a letter, which was addressed to those who loved him. Valentine has happily sacrificed for those who love and pleads to keep love alive, so from that day till today, February 14 is celebrated as Valentine's Day in the memory of Valentine.

  • सफ़ेद गुलाब White rose says “I Am Sorry”
  • पीला गुलाब  Yellow rose says ”You Are My Best Friend”
  • गुलाबी गुलाब  Pink rose says “I Like You"
  • लाल गुलाब  Red rose says “I Love You”

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