New research of 2023: three easy ways to lose weight which research and scientists consider powerful.

Obesity is the biggest problem nowadays, due to which most of the people are troubled. And due to unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet, in today's time every other person is suffering from obesity. We are telling you some such easy and effective remedies in this post. Through which your weight can be reduced. The biggest thing is that scientists also support these measures. And for this you do not need to do anything extra.

three easy ways to lose weight
three easy ways to lose weight 

Experts believe that in order to lose weight, such habits should be adopted that do not harm your health. Many people reduce food and drink to lose weight, which is wrong and should not be done. Experts believe that one should always lose weight in a healthy way. A weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is recommended by experts. Let us know what are these three effective methods of weight loss.

1. Reduce refined carbs.

The first thing you should do to lose weight is cut down on sugar and starch or carbohydrates. Refined carbs are those from which the beneficial nutrients and fiber have been removed. Due to which eating more than required increases the risk of diseases. Therefore, keep in mind that simple and refined carbohydrates should be taken in equal measure in your food. For example, bread made of white flour, white rice, white bread, pasta, noodles, sugar, honey should be taken at least. Instead, you should use whole grains, bran flour, brown rice, black rice, mixed grain bread, jowar, millet, ragi etc.

2. Eat protein, fat and vegetables.

three easy ways to lose weight

Protein diet helps you lose weight. It helps in building muscles and which burns more calories than a fat-rich diet. You must include them in your diet. Studies show that eating enough protein can improve cardiometabolic risk factors, appetite and body weight. The amount of protein is 56-91 grams per day for men and 46-75 grams per day for women. Apart from this, definitely include leafy green vegetables in your plate. Keep in mind that your body needs healthy fat. For this, you can use olive oil and avocado oil in your food. At the same time, keep distance from butter and coconut oil.

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3. Physical activity is also important.

To lose weight, it is not necessary that you join the gym, you can also do walking, running, cycling. According to health experts, at least 150 to 200 minutes of exercise should be done in a week. Exercising burns extra calories.

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Being physically active does not mean running or exercising. Rather, being physically active means involving your body in those activities every day, which gives ample opportunity to the muscles to open. You can also keep yourself physically active by making changes in your daily routine.

Being physically inactive can cause many health problems. For example, problems like high blood pressure, due to being physically stable, increase day by day.

Disclaimer – Every possible effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and genuineness of the information given in the news. Although its moral responsibility is not of the new research team. You are humbly requested to consult your doctor before trying any remedy. Our aim is only to provide you information.

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