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Superfit gran Leslie Maxwell, 63, shares tips for looking good in a bikini

Personal trainer and superfit gran Leslie Maxwell, 63, shares workout and diet tips on her Instagram page on how she 'looks good in a bikini.

Image by Instagram: Lesley Maxwell

Gym junkie Leslie Maxwell has shared on her Instagram page how she 'looks good in a bikini' and stays fit.

Addressing her fans, Leslie from Melbourne, Australia wrote. One of the most common age-related diseases in women is sarcopenia, a loss of bone density and muscle mass. And an easy way to counter that is to learn to lift weights and eat enough protein from time to time to feed your lovely new muscles.

Fans are loving the suggestions and the accompanying picture.

Leslie Maxwell, who lives in Australia, has 87,400 followers on Instagram. And most of her photos on Leslie Maxwell's Instagram are in bikini.

Leslie has been the winner of the Miss USA Figure Championship. Apart from this, she has also won more than 30 figure competition titles.

Leslie Maxwell's fit body at the age of 63 surprises everyone. And also gives fitness training to celebrities.

Fitness freak Lesley Maxwell has once again surprised his fans with his new Instagram post.

Age 63 youthful spirit

Leslie Maxwell, 63, of Melbourne, is a full-time fitness professional who ties her familiar looks and busy dating life into her grueling fitness regime, which sees her working out for an hour five times a week - deadlifts and squats.

Image by Instagram: Leslie Maxwell

63-year-old Leslie Maxwell has worked hard to keep her body fit, at that age most people are struggling with joint pain. People are surprised to see his age and toned body. Leslie also advises people to stay fit through her Instagram posts. Along with explaining the importance of gym exercise, Leslie also keeps on telling fans about a better lifestyle. And while talking about fitness, Leslie says that I always keep junk food and oil-ghee addicts away from my food setup. She only consumes food rich in protein in her diet. His favorite exercise is in the gym.

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