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Trisha Kar Madhu, who became popular after the MMS scandal

An MMS video of Bhojpuri cinema's hot and glamorous actress Trisha kar Madhu went viral on 12 August last year. After this MMS, only Trisha was being discussed everywhere. However, after the video went viral, people were also making lewd comments about the actress. Later Trisha also gave her clarification through social media. By the way, Trisha Kar Madhu has now become a well-known name of Bhojpuri film industry. There are more than one bold pictures of her on Instagram.

Trishakar madhu mms

Let us tell you that Trisha Kar Madhu, who became popular after the MMS scandal, has 3.55 lakh followers on Instagram. Trisha was born in Kolkata. And she has worked in many Bhojpuri films.

After MMS VIDEO went viral, Trisha Kar Madhu is working in many projects one after the other. Earlier he has also shot some music videos. The MMS scandal has given the actress a new identity in the Bhojpuri industry.

what trisha said about mms video

After MMS VIDEO went viral, Trisha clarified that the video that was made is 4 years old. That was my childhood, when both of us made the video and you guys are telling me that I have done this to be famous. If I wanted to be famous, I would have done it when no one knew me.

Trisha's career debut

Trisha Kar Madhu made her film debut in 1999 with the Tamil film Jodi. Trisha Kar Madhu has also worked in films like Dulhin Ganga Paar Ke, Jaani Dushman and Muqaddar. And he has worked with actors like Arvind Akela Kallu and Rakesh Mishra. Apart from this, Bhojpuri song 'Ae Dulha Maharaj' has also been done.

Shilpi Raj mms video

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