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Mia Khalifa has also become a popular model, influencer, actress and activist.

Mia Khalifa has also become a popular model, influencer, actress and activist.  Perhaps you would know that Mia Khalifa has raised the glory of porn films before.  However, according to social media reports, now she may have said goodbye to adult films, but remains very active on her Instagram.  She keeps on sharing some such photos every day, seeing that the heartbeat of the fans stops.  And just recently, she has posted a transparent blue dress on social media.  Which is giving a very stunning and sexy look.

Mia Khalifa (image by Instagram)

Lebanese-American former adult star Mia Khalifa

This post of Lebanese-American former adult star Mia Khalifa is becoming quite viral on social media.  And in this picture you can see that Mia Khalifa is also wearing a hat to avoid the sun with a swimsuit.  Apart from this, there is also an orange handbag with orange colored sandals.  Let us tell you that Mia Khalifa has Googled Orange shade while posing for the camera in this style and has given a glamorous touch to it with her smile.  Due to which the audience is getting very curious to see these photos of Mia Khalifa and likes and comments are also being made on them.  

And let us tell you that this look of her has been liked so much on social media in a few hours that this post has got millions of likes.  Not only fans are commenting on these photos apart from that, celebs are also commenting.  And they can't stop praising him.  Even though Mia Khalifa is now away from porn films, but still she does not stop showing her bold and hot style, Mia Khalifa still creates a sensation by sharing bold photos on social media.  And her pictures blow the senses of many celebs as well as fans.  mia khalifa

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