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Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley fitness

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley is 56 years old, who is also the mother of a 19-year-old child. But you will also be shocked to see his fitness. Maintains herself even without gym.
Elizabeth Hurley (image by Instagram)

You won't get the impression that 56 years old Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley is of such an age, a model and actress who continues to maintain a style statement and remains scintillating in fashion. Elizabeth Hurley herself is an example of this.

Elizabeth Hurley is the mother of a 19-year-old son, but she still looks quite young. And people are surprised to see his fitness and are taking fitness inspiration from him. Elizabeth Hurley came into the limelight when she wore the dress she wore in 1994. Even after many years passed, she looked exactly the same in her old dress as she was seen in 1994.

Hollywood Actress Elizabeth Hurley's Fitness Mantra

Actress Elizabeth Hurley loves morning workouts and starts her day with some form of exercise. According to the news, the famous model starts her day with some squats. Elizabeth also likes to do yoga and Pilates, she also gives priority to high impact and sporty workout styles.

Because Elizabeth is also a big lover of outdoor workouts and non-gym exercises. So she raises her heart rate and goes for a 20-minute walk with her dogs. No matter how busy or difficult his schedule is. She believes in being active and following every step. She always says not to forget to walk, because walking is a great option to do some cardio and one of the easiest ways to stay fit.

He told in an interview that activities like cleaning, gardening and doing household chores help him stay in perfect shape and reduce his fat. Gardening, logging, walking, climbing stairs are also great examples of NEAT activities or 'non-exercise activity thermogenesis', through which you can burn calories. Elizabeth Hurley says that, 'I go out during the winter as much as I do in the summer, I prefer to do housework instead of going to the gym.

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Seeing Elizabeth Hurley's strong abs and toned body, you think that she would go to the gym regularly, then let us tell you a little secret that Elizabeth Hurley is not a gym person! In a recent interview, Elizabeth Hurley told that 'I am not a gym freak and I have not set any special exercises, I prefer to do some work to do my workouts instead of staying in the gym. Therefore, Elizabeth prefers to keep herself fit through any of her regular work as compared to gym machine or treadmill.

Elizabeth Hurley (image by Instagram)

Elizabeth Hurley's diet

Now talking about Elizabeth Hurley's diet, she follows a very healthy and conscious lifestyle. We believe in tasting fresh, seasonal and organic food items. She does not skip her breakfast which everyone should follow. Hurley says that no matter how busy your schedule may be, breakfast in the morning will give you the right energy, you can balance your blood sugar level. and can keep you satisfied. Elizabeth Hurley likes to eat a lot of vegetables throughout the day.

The secret of Elizabeth Hurley's beauty is her good sleep. And she believes in 'Beauty Sleep' i.e. getting beautiful sleep. Elizabeth feels that she is growing old positively and listens to the demands of her body. Like I believe in taking rest and getting the necessary sleep. The actress also makes sure to sleep for 7 to 8 hours amidst her busy schedule so that she remains energized the next day.

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