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Janhvi kapoor fitness | janhvi kapoor workout routine

Janhvi Kapoor has started making a place in the hearts of people with her first film 'Dhadak'.  Janhvi is not only famous for her acting and dance but she is also a fitness freak.  

Janhvi kapoor image by Instagram

Janhvi is active about her fitness and many times Janhvi has also been seen in great gym wear and her fans like her gym look very much and Janhvi Kapoor also does not hesitate to share the secret of fitness with her fans. Janhvi keeps inspiring people by sharing her workout sessions on social media platforms. Recently, a few days ago, a video of Janhvi went viral on social media in which she was seen doing some exercises. 

(Janhvi kapoor image by Instagram)

Teaser Exercise – In this exercise, you have to raise your legs up to 45 degrees and keep the arms stretched in front.  This is an exercise inspired by Pilates, which Janhvi does every day, Janhvi also exercises abs for abs.  Leg exercises for abs, legs and core are an important part of Janhvi Kapoor fitness plan.  And in this, lying on the floor, you have to raise both your legs alternately.  

Janhvi Kapoor workout includes weightlifting along with cardio.  Apart from this, Janhvi also likes to do yoga.  Often she practices all the asanas of yoga.

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Talking about Janhvi Kapoor diet, Janhvi Kapoor starts the day by drinking 3-4 glasses of water. And in breakfast, he likes brown bread, peanut butter, oats and egg white. And lunch and dinner also includes salad, brown rice, leafy vegetables, vegetable soup, lentils and boiled vegetables and Jh

Janhvi loves red meat and Janhvi keeps away from soft drinks and junk food.

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